Jim has written many novels about fictional Texas Rangers, featuring several different main characters. The books are available in print editions (including some limited edition autographed copies), as well as digital format (Kindle, Nook and Adobe Digital Editions). Click on the link for each book for details, reviews, and links to purchase.


From Center Point Large Print, large print editions of Death Stalks the Rangers, Death Rides the Rails, Ranger's Revenge, Texas Jeopardy, Blood Ties.

Latest Releases

May 2021: The Shermans (Series book 1)

May 2021 - A Ranger Never Quits: Lone Star Ranger 11

January 2021 - Desperate Ride, A Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick Novel

December 2020 - Ride For Revenge (Dusty Saddle Publishing)

November 2020 - Deputy Pete and the Purloined Pickle Puzzle (Condor Publishing)

October 2020 - Deputy Pete and the Missing Muffin (Condor Publishing)

Murder Most Fowl - Texas Style -- new tale about modern day Texas Ranger James C. Blawzyck

Lone Star Ranger 10: A Ranger for Life, is now available on Amazon.

December 2018 - Tough Month for a Ranger - new tale about modern day Texas Ranger Jim Blawzyck.

The Untamed West (Western Fictioneers short story collection, August 2018)

A Ranger Returns (Lone Star Ranger Volume 9, December 2017)

Texas Jeopardy (modern day Texas Ranger mystery, September 2017)

Large print edition of Death Rides the Rails now available (September 2017)

Death By Dressage (A Detective Paul Talbot Mystery Book 2) (mystery, June 2016)
Mad Man of the Mountains (mystery, June 2015)

Blood Ties: A Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick Novel by [Griffin, James J.]

Blood Ties: A Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick Novel (March 2017)

Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick brings a young outlaw, Jonas Peterson, in for trial in Pecos, Texas. But Will finds the tables have turned on him when the judge entrusts Peterson to Will’s care for a year rather than sending the youngster to Huntsville State Penitentiary for his crime. It’s up to Will to teach Jonas how to be a Texas Ranger—and how to be a man.

When Will returns to his post with Jonas, Captain Hunter gives him some unwelcome news—Will is going home for his sister’s wedding, whether he likes it or not. Though Will has been estranged from his family since he left to join the Rangers years earlier, Will’s father, Silas, has the governor’s ear. Reluctantly, Will obeys his orders, intending to make the unwanted trip as short as possible.

But when his father’s bank is robbed, and Silas himself is jailed for the robbery, Will and Jonas go after the gang who pulled off the job, determined to see justice done. No matter how bitter the feud between father and son in the past, there’s no way a Texas Ranger can ignore BLOOD TIES…

A Ranger Grown (Lone Star Ranger Book 8) by [Griffin, James J.]

Lone Star Ranger 8: A Ranger Grown (September 2016)

With renegade Apaches and deadly gangs of outlaws running rampant in the Texas badlands, Texas Ranger Captain Quincy has no choice but to divide his band of Rangers and take on some new recruits. This mission is the most dangerous yet for Nate Stewart, who, at fifteen, is the youngest Ranger in the company. Now serving under Lieutenant Jeb Rollins, Nate and his best friend, Hoot Harrison, must face the fact that this may very well be their last mission—ever.

The odds are stacked against them from the outset, with prairie fires, roaming bands of dangerous desperadoes, and the harsh conditions of the land they’re traveling. Pinned down by a party of Mescalero Apaches, it falls to Nate to lead—will he be up to the task? Getting himself and his fellow Rangers out alive is a job for A RANGER GROWN…

A Ranger Redeemed (Lone Star Ranger Book 7) by [Griffin, James J.]

Lone Star Ranger 7: A Ranger Redeemed (April 2016)

The company of Texas Rangers led by Cap’n Dave has come down with influenza. Once the outlaws in the area realize the Rangers are temporarily out of commission, they have a field day—especially a gang of bold train robbers!

Nate and Hoot, along with some of the others who are able to ride, track down a group of cattle rustlers, but not without paying the price with one of the lives of their own.

When the Rangers are able to go after the train robbers, it takes every last man to subdue the outlaw gang and keep the train under their control—or face dire circumstances. Though Nate and Hoot manage to have some fun along the way, they know if the outlaws take the train they’re on, they could lose their jobs—or their lives.

Outnumbered, the odds don’t look to be in the favor of the Rangers—but the outlaw gang never counted on these Rangers being so tough and unwilling to face defeat. Nate’s still the youngest Ranger in the bunch, but he fights back with guns blazing. The robbers got away once, but Nate’s determined this time to be A RANGER REDEEMED…

Lone Star Ranger 6: A Ranger Gone Bad (young adult novel, August 2015)

Cattle rustling is about to get the best of some of the finest ranches in Texas—until the Rangers come to call. But while Nate, Hoot, and the rest of Captain Quincy’s Texas Rangers are out to arrest the outlaws, things take an unexpected turn for the worse. When Nate throws in with the renegade rustlers, his Ranger friends can hardly believe it. It seems that the compadre they’d trusted and accepted into their regiment as one of their own has turned on them—but can it be true?

Nate appears to enjoy the life of crime as he not only steals cattle, but robs banks and stagecoaches on his own before he joins up with Conrad Jordan’s gang of thieves. But in a deadly battle between the Rangers and the rustlers, which side will Nate pick? Will he remain true to the lawmen who’ve taken him in and made him one of their own—or is he truly A RANGER GONE BAD?

Lone Star Ranger 5: A Ranger to Stand With (novel, April 2015)

Texas Ranger Nate Stewart has been through a lot in his life—and his losses aren’t over yet. In the months that Nate has ridden with Captain Quincy and his Rangers, his best friend and pardner, Hoot Harrison, has been the rock Nate has depended on. But once beautiful Clarissa Hennessey comes into Hoot’s life, she sets out to destroy the friendship between the two young Rangers.

When the chips are down and Black Dog’s raiders attack the Hennessey ranch, there’s bound to be bloodshed and lives lost. Will Clarissa divide Hoot and Nate forever, or can Hoot prove that he’s A RANGER TO STAND WITH?

Ghost Riders featuring Ranger Jim Blawcyzk (novel, March 2015)

Striking ruthlessly out of the night, the Ghost Riders are the most brutal band of outlaws ever to plague Texas. Leaving death and devastation behind them, they raid town after town, slaughtering, looting, and burning. Dressed in white robes that conceal their identity and seemingly unharmed by bullets, the Ghost Riders may not even be human!

Facing the greatest challenge of his career, legendary Texas Ranger Jim Blawcyzk sets out on the trail of the Ghost Riders, accompanied by his partners Smoky McCue and Jim Huggins. Blawcyzk is confident that no owlhoot is immune to Ranger lead. What he doesn't know, however, is that before this case over, the deadly threat of the Ghost Riders will reach out and touch his own family...

Lone Star Ranger 4 cover

Lone Star Ranger 4: A Ranger's Christmas (December 2014)

Nate Stewart has avenged the deaths of his family by seeing their pale-eyed murderer dead. But his days of being a Texas Ranger have only just begun. With Christmas on the way, and the Rangers sent to the Big Bend area to patrol, they’re faced with everything from a buffalo stampede to having to resort to finding water any way they can even if it means taking it by force. When Nate believes he may have accidentally killed a friend, he falls into danger that leaves the Rangers believing he’s been drowned. Can a Christmas miracle save him and reunite him with Captain Quincy’s men for A RANGER’S CHRISTMAS?

Lone Star Ranger 3 cover

Lone Star Ranger 3: A Ranger to Fight With (September 2014)

When Captain Quincy's company of Rangers is ordered to the Big Bend, Nate has no choice but to ride with them. It appears his odds of finding the men who murdered his family grow more distant with each passing mile. But a chance encounter with a patrol of buffalo soldiers provides the first solid lead as to the gang's whereabouts--and Captain Quincy's Rangers make a detour to find the pale-eyed demon whose gang has been responsible for so many deaths. Will Nate and his Ranger companions finally catch up with the killers? Nate's gut feeling says they will--but who will survive?

Ranger to Ride With Vol 2 Cover

Lone Star Ranger Volume 2 - A Ranger to Reckon With (July 2014)

As the youngest man in the company of Texas Rangers he’s riding with, Nate Stewart discovers he’s got a lot to learn. Determined to find the brutal gang of raiders who murdered his family and left him for dead on the Texas plains, Nate must grow up fast. When he comes face-to-face with the pale-eyed devil responsible for the deaths of his parents and older brother, will Nate be able to finally get his revenge?

Lone Star Ranger - A Ranger to Ride With.

The book is Volume One in a series that follows the adventures of Nathaniel Stewart, a fourteen year old transplant from Delaware to Texas who is orphaned when his family is murdered by a gang of outlaws. It's aimed for the "Young Adult" reader, but is certainly suitable and exciting reading for older readers too.


Jim Blawcyzk books

Fictional Ranger Jim Blawcyzk is a Polish Catholic, risking his life to keep Texas safe in the late 1880s.

Border Raiders cover


Sean Kennedy books

To Avenge a Ranger (September 2015)

A legendary lawman lies dead, cut down by a bushwhacker's bullet, and it's up to Texas Ranger Sean Kennedy to track down the killer and bring him to justice. But at every step in his search, Kennedy finds that the trail to the truth leads farther and farther into the past...

TO AVENGE A RANGER is bestselling author James J. Griffin's most dramatic and shocking novel to date. Filled with action and the gritty historical authenticity for which he is known, TO AVENGE A RANGER is compelling reading, sure to please Griffin's legion of fans!

Death Stalks the Rangers

Death Stalks the Rangers (2010, feat. Sean Kennedy)

When a Texas Ranger is murdered, his fellow Rangers will stop at nothing to find his killer! Lone Star lawmen Sean Kennedy and Levi Mallory follow a cold trail across Texas to track down the man who shot Ranger Thad Dutton, and neither vicious outlaws nor a ruthless town boss will keep them from settling the score for their fallen comrade. Acclaimed Western author James J. Griffin returns with another action-packed, gunsmoke-laced tale of the Texas Rangers.


Cody Havlicek books

Cody Havlicek is a young man with a growing family at home. However, he's also a Texas Ranger, determined to bring justice to the Lone Star State.

Big Bend Death Trap cover Ride for Redemption cover


Other Ranger books

Ranger Named Rowdy cover

Ranger Named Rowdy (short story collection, High Noon Press, April 2014)

Texas Ranger Tim Bannon has been assigned to track down a gang of vicious outlaws who have been robbing and murdering all over south-central Texas. However, he has a problem. His old horse is no longer up to the task of traveling for days on end chasing renegades. Tim is forced to take the trail on a rented livery stable mount. Before he finds his quarry, he will discover that Rangers don't always have only two legs... some have four.

West of the River The Ranger cover

West of the Big River: The Ranger (2013, feat. J.S. Turnbo)

Acclaimed author James J. Griffin, noted for his fine stories of the Texas Rangers, joins the West of the Big River stable with THE RANGER, a short novel featuring real-life Ranger Sergeant J.S. Turnbo. Tangling with rustlers, bank robbers, and road agents is all in a day's work for Turnbo as he fights to bring law and order to the area around Abilene and San Angelo, Texas, but solving a deadly mystery will put Turnbo's life in more danger than ever before. It'll take all of the Ranger's wits and gun-handling skills to keep him alive as he untangles the strands of a lethal conspiracy!

THE RANGER is a novel based on historical characters and situations in the bestselling West of the Big River series from Western Fictioneers. Don't miss any of these action-packed tales!