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Trail of the Renegade (2005)

Death Rides the Rails

Available in these formats:

Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is hunting for outlaw Ned Scanlon. In order to track down the wily renegade, Blawcyzk will not only have to use all of his skills as a lawman, but will also have to confront the ghosts of his own past.

Trail of The Renegade is a fast-paced novel of frontier Texas, where the Texas Rangers matched wits with outlaws throughout the length and breadth of the Lone Star State.

Saunders rose from his cover, raced to the end of the building and leapt for the next roof. Jim spun and fired; his snap shot finding its mark, as the bullet ripped into Saunders side and lodged in a lung. Saunders twisted sideways from the impact of the lead, then thudded to the street.

'It's just you and me now, Ranger!" Jim whirled to see Kip Barton emerge from the Spotted Dog. 'I'm givin' you one last chance, lawman! You can turn and run, and mebbe I won't put a bullet in your back. That's the only way you won't die today." Deliberately, the youthful gunman slid his Colt .44 back in its holster. 'There ain't a lawman alive man enough to take my gun!" Barton shouted, as Jim turned to face him.

'We'll just have to find out," Jim quietly replied.