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Border Raiders (2005)

Border Raiders cover

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Comanches and rustlers are wreaking havoc on the settlers of the Nueces Strip the Texas no-man's land between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande. Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is assigned to a company of Rangers with orders to bring the renegades to justice or die trying.

BORDER RAIDERS is a gritty, action-packed tale of the Texas frontier, when a few brave lawmen brought justice to the far reaches of the Lone Star State.

Jim Blawcyzk, Winchester now empty, charged across the camp, Colt in hand, Sam, his veteran war horse, twisting and turning, making the horse and his rider elusive targets. Jim ripped the big gelding around at a shout behind him.
""You won't get away from me this time, Lieutenant,"" Tom Sullivan shouted, as he dropped to one knee, drawing a bead on Blawcyzk's chest. As Blawcyzk galloped straight at the renegade Ranger, his snap shot missed, taking Sullivan's hat from his head. Just before Sullivan could fire, Sam lowered his head, and clamped his teeth onto Sullivan's shoulder. Sullivan screamed in pain as the horse's wicked teeth sank into muscle and bone. Sam released his grip, and as Sullivan fell backward, the big horse ran right over him, trampling him into the dust."