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Death Stalks the Rangers (2010)

Death Stalks the Rangers original cover

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Death Stalks the Rangers available now from Dancing Fox Publishing!

Read the review of Death Stalks the Rangers in the WWA Roundup magazine.

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When a Texas Ranger is murdered, his fellow Rangers will stop at nothing to find his killer! Lone Star lawmen Sean Kennedy and Levi Mallory follow a cold trail across Texas to track down the man who shot Ranger Thad Dutton, and neither vicious outlaws nor a ruthless town boss will keep them from settling the score for their fallen comrade. Acclaimed Western author James J. Griffin returns with another action-packed, gunsmoke-laced tale of the Texas Rangers.

What Folks are saying about “Death Stalks the Rangers".

“James J. Griffin provides another exciting Western adventure in Death Stalks the Rangers, as new hero Sean Kennedy uses fast guns and fists, along with a keen intellect, to solve the mystery of a fellow Texas Ranger's murder. As always, Griffin gives the reader plenty of action, colorful characters, and a vivid sense of the Texas frontier.” --James Reasoner,
Author of TEXAS WIND and numerous other novels.

“A thrilling ride through the Texas Hill Country. Each page takes you back to the days when the good guys always won, as it should be. I'd bet a hat on it!” --Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins of Company A.

“Once again James Griffin shows the old west as it really was, tough, deadly, and filled with adventure. Death Stalks the Rangers is an exciting page turner for any lover of authentic westerns. Griffin is a true wordsmith and this book proves it.” -- WR Benton Author of War Paint and other westerns

Excerpt from an online review of "Death Stalks the Rangers" by Robert Hicks from the Arkansas City High School library:
"Because of the unpretentious, straight forward, and bare-boned story telling, especially for YA or novice pards, this novel could be a doorway to more literary and substantial "Ranger" works such as the late Elmer Kelton's Lone Star Rising Trilogy and Ranger's Law Trilogy. If you have library patrons or readers who can no longer escape with Louis L'Amour, let them ride a "Griffin".