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Bullet For A Ranger (2010)

Bullet for a Ranger cover

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"One of the most satisfying aspects of reading a western novel is being swept into the story. Jim Griffin takes you back in time not only through creatives storylines and extensive research, but also with his passion for the Frontier West era. After a few pages you find yourself along for the ride as if you were actually in the saddle" - Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins, Company A

(from the book...)

Someone in Quitaque was determined to see Jim Blawcyzk hanged for murder. If Jim didn't figure out who is was right quick, he'd soon be the guest of honor at a hemp necktie party.

Jim walked slowly toward the cell door. Castle stood aside to let him pass, his gun now aimed at the Ranger's stomach, the hammer thumbed back. When Jim drew abreast of the marshal he lunged at Castle, grabbing for his gun.