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Renegade Ranger (2010)

Death Rides the Rails

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Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is on his way to the easiest assignment he's had in a long time... until a fellow Ranger, a man Jim trusted as a friend and partner, murders their commanding officer and puts two bullets into Jim.

Now, with Jim lying gravely wounded in a hospital bed, his long-time partner Smoky McCue, along with Jim's son Charlie, newly appointed to the Rangers, must try and track down the Ranger turned killer. The only problem is the renegade lawman has powerful friends and allies in Mexico, and they are determined to keep him safe from Texas law, at any cost.

Renegade Ranger is an exciting story, filled with colorful characters and plenty of action.

"Once again, Jim Griffin has written a true-to-life adventure of the Texas Rangers, a powerful story of betrayal and the hunt for a Ranger turned killer. Griffin uses his extensive knowledge of the Texas Rangers and thorough research to weave a tale which will have his readers feeling as if they were themselves were riding across the badlands, enduring the heat of the Texas sun, smelling the sagebrush, and dodging outlaw bullets. Renegade Ranger is a book which cannot be put down until the last page is turned." - Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins of Company A

Roundup Magazine says "There's plenty of action here, with close, endearing characters...a family friendly Western tale". Click here to read the full Roundup review.