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Fight For Freedom (2012)

Fight For Freedom cover

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Fight for Freedom is a story of determination, passion, loss, betrayal, and ultimate triumph. Take a wagon train of former slaves and freemen heading to
start a new life in west Texas, add some men determined to keep them from reaching their destination, toss in a rancher who will do anything to drive the settlers from the land they've chosen for their new town, add in an order from the Governor to protect the emigrants, and you have a recipe for a whole passel of trouble for Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk and his Texas Ranger partners.

It will take only one spark to ignite this powder keg.

Ride along with the visionary leader of the settlers, Adrian Chatman, and Jim Blawcyzk' s Rangers on their perilous trek more than halfway across Texas. To survive, they will not only have to take on the Texas wilderness with all its dangers, but also those who will stop at nothing to prevent them from building their settlement. Will they be able to overcome almost overwhelming odds to attain the promise of a new life of freedom?

"A group of Texas Rangers, hand-picked by Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk, is assigned the dubious task of protecting a wagon train of freemen and former slaves as they journey across Texas toward their dream of starting their own community, aptly named Freedom. There is plenty of action and adventure throughout Griffin's latest addition to his Texas Ranger series. Griffin's historical passion for the Rangers really shines through in this well-written book." -- John Melvin, WWA Roundup Magazine