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Big Bend Death Trap (2007)

Big Bend Death Trap Cover

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Cody Havlicek, Texas Ranger, is a moral man. He is totally dedicated to enforcing the law and will do whatever it takes to bring wrongdoers to justice.

When a series of murders, including that of a fellow Ranger, takes place in the Big Bend region, he is ordered to track down the men responsible. Cody and a young boy he rescued must face and defeat the diabolical criminals. (more at the Condor Publishing, Inc. web site)

from Jim: "While Big Bend Death Trap is an adult story, it's also particularly appropriate for young adult readers, particularly boys from about age nine and up, who can definitely relate to young Tommy Mashburn, a boy who is befriended by Cody, and who, by learning a lesson about friendship and loyalty, becomes one of the heroes of the story. With plenty of riding and gunfights, the action appeals to young male readers."

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"Big Bend Death Trap is a traditional Western along the familiar lines of a Louis L'Amour novel. James J. Griffin writes with a good knowledge about the Old West. This book has plenty of action, shooting, a strong hero, and several dangerous men, some of which come as a surprise, but a good twist always makes for a better story. Like Louis L'Amour, Griffin does not use foul language, sex, or overly graphic violence in Big Bend Death Trap, making this book suitable for all ages." - SASS Cowboy Chronicle Review by Ellsworth T. Kincaid