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Ride For Redemption (2012)

Death Rides the Rails

Available in these formats:

Cody Havlicek is back on the trail in another spellbinding Texas Ranger adventure. Once again he says goodbye to his wife and children and heads out on a desperate journey to uphold the law and investigate crime.

In RIDE FOR REDEMPTION we find Ranger Cody Havlicek on an assignment to pick up a convicted bank robber and escort him to the territorial prison. Even though the prisoner, John Harmon, never denies his part in the crime of which he is accused, it isn’t long before Ranger Havlicek suspects the man is sacrificing happiness, freedom, and life with his family in order to protect someone or something. Havlicek doubts that Harmon is deserving of the harsh prison sentence he has been given and determines to find out what is so important that the man is willing to forfeit all that he loves.

In his quest, the Ranger nearly freezes to death during a raging blizzard, faces a town full of ruthless killers, and suffers gunshot wounds. But, when Ranger Havlicek believes in a person or cause, he never gives up. RIDE FOR REDEMPTION is exciting reading for nearly all ages.