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Panhandle Raiders (2007)

Death Rides the Rails

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"Nobody writes Westerns with more heart and soul than James J. Griffin. Guaranteed enjoyment for any Western fan!" -- James Reasoner, author of TEXAS WIND and THE CIVIL WAR BATTLE SERIES.

"Jim Griffin brings to life fictional characters interspersed with real life experiences in the same voice as Max Brand and Louis L'Amour. This fifth novel in the series is as riveting as the first four." -- Sergeant Jim Huggins, Texas Rangers Company F.

When a series of robberies and murders breaks out in north Texas, Ranger Jim Blawcyzk and his partner Smoky McCue are ordered to track down the killers. Their assignment is complicated by a dying eyewitness's claim the outlaws are United States Army cavalrymen. After a train is robbed and the crew viciously murdered, the Rangers are forced into a desperate race to stop the renegades before they strike again.

Jim raced through the coach, leapt the gap to the next car, and had walked halfway up its aisle when Brady rose from behind a seat to level his gun at the Ranger. Jim had just begun to thumb back the hammer of his Colt when the train lurched and he was thrown off balance, the gun falling from his hand and spinning out of reach as he went to his knees. Brady took slow, deliberate aim at Jim's chest.

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