Big Bend Death Trap review in Roundup Magazine

Texas Ranger Cody Havlicek, a family man with a strong moral code, is the nemesis of evil-doers in the Big Bend country. When Cody, riding his bad-tempered horse named Yank, is called upon to investigate the murder of a fellow Ranger, he steps into a whole bunch of trouble. There are more suspects than he can shake a stick at, and more coverups than at a political convention. Be before he can get started bringing the culprits to justice, he must first rescue a boy, young Tommy Mashburn, who errs in trying to steal Yank after his own horse is stolen and he's left afoot to die in the desert. Turns out Tommy is one of Cody's biggest allies as he works toward solving the murders in this tale where it's hard to tell who's true and who's not.

This is a story with enough action to suit anyone. It includes lots of twists and turns, and has characters you can care about. Havlicek is a charming though tough hero, and his friends are well-chosen. Though not without plenty of violence, it's still a well-written story suitable for most age groups, which avoids falling into the trap of talking down to adults.

Reprinted with permission of WWA Roundup Magazine.

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