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Wolf Creek Book 6 - Hell on the Prairie - July 2013

Jim contributes a chapter to Book 6 in the Western Fictioneers multi-author series, along with Ford Fargo (Author), Troy D. Smith (Author), Chuck Tyrell (Author), Clay More (Author), Cheryl Pierson (Author), Jerry Guin (Author), and Jacquie Rogers (Author)

Marshal Sam Gardner confronts a notorious gunfighter who hates lawmen; Deputy Quint Croy learns the secrets of Asa Pepper's place; Billy Below learns to be a cowboy; Doc Logan contends with a specter from his past; Derrick McCain faces family secrets; Ben Tolliver gets the shock of his life; and strangers get caught up in the Danby Raid...

A Ranger Named Rowdy - Jack Bosco - July 2013

Texas Ranger Tim Bannon is up against one of the most difficult manhunts he's ever faced. He's on the trail of Jack Bosco, an escaped murderer. Bosco has already eluded Tim once, by putting a bullet into him. Tim's life was saved by a ranch family, who nursed him back to help. Now, still not fully recovered, Tim has tracked Bosco into the Balcones Canyonlands, a labyrinth of canyons and vegetation so dense a man could hide for months without being discovered. Two men will enter the Balcones, but only one will come out alive.

Also available on the Nook!

A Ranger Named Rowdy - Kidnapped - June 2013

Texas Ranger Tim Bannon makes a detour on his way home to visit an old friend, Sheriff Dave Owens, in Alice, and to get in a bit of fishing. Instead, he and the sheriff discover Deputy Hank Plunkett missing, and a ransom note left on his desk. The mystery deepens when Owens kills the missing deputy in a cleverly designed trap set by the outlaws, and a new ransom note, claiming the kidnappers are holding the daughter of the local rabbi, is found.

Also available on the Nook!

A Ranger Named Rowdy: Old Enemies - May 2013

Texas Ranger Tim Bannon returns home to find he has a new neighbor, who has already befriended Tim's wife and son. When the new arrival pays a visit, he turns out to be Cal Jellico, a man Tim had arrested for cattle rustling. Jellico claims his past is behind him, and he wants nothing but to run his small ranch. Has the man truly changed, or is he out for revenge on Tim?

Available in digital format from Amazon.

Also available for the Nook!

A Ranger Named Rowdy - March 2013

Texas Ranger Tim Bannon has been assigned to track down a gang of vicious outlaws who have been robbing and murdering all over south-central Texas. However, he has a problem. His old horse is no longer up to the task of traveling for days on end chasing renegades. Tim is forced to take the trail on a rented livery stable mount. Before he finds his quarry, he will discover that Rangers don't always have only two legs... some have four.

Available in digital format from Amazon.

June 2013 - now available as an audio book!

July 2013 - also available on the Nook!

Death Rides the Rails - December 2012

Jim's latest, from Solstice Publishing, is another Jim Blawcyzk Texas Ranger story.

Texas Ranger Jim Blawcyzk is riding the El Paso Limited en route to a routine assignment... until the train is wrecked and robbed. Barely escaping the flaming wreckage, Blawcyzk sets out to track down the outlaws responsible for such wanton death and destruction. What at first appears to be an isolated train robbery leads him to a much larger plot to destroy the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Not only having to try and stop the men determined to ruin the railroad, Blawcyzk also finds himself the target of a mysterious drygulcher.

Available now in print or e-book from Solstice Publishing.

Available for the Nook!

Death Rides the Rails

Six Guns and Slay Bells - November 2012

Put on your Santa hat and saddle up for this collection of creepy Christmas stories from the Western Fictioneers, the world's only organization of professional authors devoted solely to Western fiction.

Jim contributed a short story to this collection, along with Robert J. Randisi, James Reasoner, Troy D. Smith,Larry D. Sweazy, L.J. Washburn, C Courtney Joyner, Chuck Tyrell, Matthew P. Mayo, Douglas Hirt, Clay More, Cheryl Pierson, Christine Matthews, Jerry Guin, and Charlie Steel.

Available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions now.

Jim's story "The Toys" from this book was nominated for a 2013 Peacemaker Award for Best Short Story.

Six Guns and Slay Bells cover

Wolf Creek: Book 1 (Bloody Trail) - August 2012

"Ford Fargo" is the pen name of many different members of the Western Fictioneers, working together to write tales that all take place in the little town of Wolf Creek. In this volume, Jim pens 2 chapters.

In our first adventure, the town of Wolf Creek is assaulted by a small army of former Confederate guerrillas, who rob the bank and leave dead innocents in their wake. Sheriff G.W. Satterlee and his posse must overtake the outlaws before they reach Indian Territory—but the chase is complicated by the secret pasts of several posse members…

Appearing as "Ford Fargo" in this volume: Clay More, James J. Griffin, Troy D. Smith, James Reasoner, L. J. Martin, Cheryl Pierson.

Available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions now.

Fight For Freedom - Feburary 2012

This book, released February 2012, is a new Jim Blawcyzk story. Available now from Amazon in paperback, Nook and Kindle editions.

Fight for Freedom is a story of determination, passion, loss, betrayal and ultimate triumph. Take a wagon train of former slaves and freemen heading to start a new life in west Texas, add some men determined to keep them from reaching their destination, toss in a rancher who will do anything to drive the settlers from the land they've chosen for their new town, add in an order from the Governor to protect the emigrants, and you have a recipe for a whole passel of trouble for Lt. Jim Blawcyzk and his Texas Ranger partners.

Fight for Freedom, WWA Roundup Magazine Review by John Melvin

A group of Texas Rangers, hand-picked by Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk, is assigned the dubious task of protecting a wagon train of freemen and former slaves as they journey across Texas toward their dream of starting their own community, aptly named Freedom. There is plenty of action and adventure throughout Griffin's latest addition to his Texas Ranger series. Griffin's historical passion for the Rangers really shines through in this well-written book.

Fight For Freedom cover

Best of Rope and Wire, Volume 2 (short story)

This is volume 2 of an ongoing series of Rope and Wire Western Electronic Pulp Magazines (ePulp).

The stories are all original and unpublished. The authors are all seasoned and professional. They know their craft, they know how to write a story that will hold the attention of their readers, and most of all, they know the old west and what it took to tame it.

Available as an e-book for Kindle.

The Traditional West - 2011

Jim has a short story appearing in this collection of traditional Westerns from the Western Fictioneers authors group.

Western Fictioneers

Ride For Redemption - February 2011

Cody Havlicek is back on the trail! In Ride for Redemption we find Cody on an assignment to pick up a convicted bank robber and escort him to prison. Even though the prisoner, John Harmon, never denies his part in the crime, it isn't long before Ranger Havlicek suspects the man is sacrificing his freedom and life with his family to protect someone or something. Havlicek determines to find out what that is, and confronts a blizzard, a town full of ruthless killers and a hail of bullets along the way.

(more at the Condor Publishing, Inc. web site)

Ride for Redemption cover

Death Stalks the Rangers - December 2010

Death Stalks the Rangers available now from Dancing Fox Publishing!

Read the review of Death Stalks the Rangers in the WWA Roundup magazine.

Promotional video for Death Stalks the Rangers now online at the Dancing Fox website!

Kindle edition of this title now available as a Western Fictioneers e-book!

Nook edition available also

Excerpt from an online review of "Death Stalks the Rangers" by Robert Hicks from the Arkansas City High School library:
"Because of the unpretentious, straight forward, and bare-boned story telling, especially for YA or novice pards, this novel could be a doorway to more literary and substantial "Ranger" works such as the late Elmer Kelton's Lone Star Rising Trilogy and Ranger's Law Trilogy. If you have library patrons or readers who can no longer escape with Louis L'Amour, let them ride a "Griffin".

Death Stalks the Rangers

Renegade Ranger - 2010

Now available for Nook!

In this book, Jim's son Charlie is newly appointed to the Rangers, and takes off on the trail of a Ranger turned killer who has shot and badly wounded Jim, which leads him to Mexico.

Needless to say, it doesn't take long before Charlie and his best friend Ty, also a new Ranger finds themselves in hot water, and behind bars in a Mexican prison.  Can they be rescued and the traitor Ranger tracked down before it's too late?

"Once again, Jim Griffin has written a true-to-life adventure of the Texas Rangers, a powerful story of betrayal and the hunt for a Ranger turned killer. Griffin uses his extensive knowledge of the Texas Rangers and thorough research to weave a tale which will have his readers feeling as if they were themselves were riding across the badlands, enduring the heat of the Texas sun, smelling the sagebrush, and dodging outlaw bullets. Renegade Ranger is a book which cannot be put down until the last page is turned." - Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins of Company A

Roundup Magazine says "There's plenty of action here, with close, endearing characters...a family friendly Western tale". Click here to read the full Roundup review.


Renegade Ranger cover

Bullet for a Ranger - 2010

Now available for Nook!

"One of the most satisfying aspects of reading a western novel is being swept into the story. Jim Griffin takes you back in time not only through creatives storylines and extensive research, but also with his passion for the Frontier West era. After a few pages you find yourself along for the ride as if you were actually in the saddle" - Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins, Company A

(from the book...)

Someone in Quitaque was determined to see Jim Blawcyzk hanged for murder. If Jim didn't figure out who is was right quick, he'd soon be the guest of honor at a hemp necktie party.

Jim walked slowly toward the cell door. Castle stood aside to let him pass, his gun now aimed at the Ranger's stomach, the hammer thumbed back. When Jim drew abreast of the marshal he lunged at Castle, grabbing for his gun.

Bullet for a Ranger Cover

Faith and the Ranger short story collection - 2009

The Faith and the Rangers is an anthology of traditional Western and Texas Ranger short stories. For fans of the Jim Blawcyzk and Cody Havlicek Texas Ranger novels, the collection includes "Left Handed Law", in which Jim and Cody meet for the first time. "The Wind" is a ghostly tale, as might have been told around a cattle drive campfire. The collection includes action, adventure, and romance, with heroes young and old, some likely, others not so. There are ten stories in all, certain to please anyone who enjoys a good mystery or a thrilling tale of the Frontier West.

Faith and the Rangers Cover

Ranger's Revenge - 2008 (e-book 2013)

Ranger Jim Blawcyzk and his partner Smoky McCue return in a tale of ambush, murder, and revenge as ghosts from the first Jim Blawcyzk novel return. Blawcyzk isn't the only victim as renegades shoot not only him, but his young son and do terrible things to his wife, then rustle off his stock, leaving them all for dead or worse. This story highlights the internal struggle for revenge and Blawcyzk's faith. Smoky McCue is along for the ride in this exciting tale of Texas Ranger action. (more at the Silverjack Publishing web site)

Click here to read a review of Ranger's Revenge published in Roundup magazine (journal of the Western Writers of America).

March 2013: The Kindle Edition of Ranger's Revenge now available from Western Fictioneers.

July 2013: Also available for the Nook!

Ranger's Revenge
Autographed Copies of Ranger's Revenge are available. Email Jim (click here)
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Panhandle Raiders - 2007

When a series of robberies and murders breaks out in north Texas, Ranger Jim Blawcyzk and his partner Smoky McCue are ordered to track down the killers. Their assignment is complicated by a dying eyewitness’s claim the outlaws are United States Army cavalrymen. After a train is robbed and the crew viciously murdered, the Rangers are forced into a desperate race to stop the renegades before they strike again. (more at the iUniverse web site)

Panhandle Raiders Cover
Autographed Copies of Panhandle Raiders are available. Email Jim (click here)

Ranger Justice - 2006

Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is on the trail of the men responsible for the killing of a fellow Ranger and the disappearance of another. Jim’s search will draw him into a web of deception, greed, and murder, where even a lawman’s best friend may well be his deadly enemy. (more at the iUniverse web site)

Ranger Justice Cover
Autographed Copies of Ranger Justice are available. Email Jim (click here)

Trail of the Renegade - 2005

Now available for the Nook!

Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is hunting for outlaw Ned Scanlon. In order to track down the wily renegade, Blawcyzk will not only have to use all of his skills as a lawman, but will also have to confront the ghosts of his own past. (more at the iUniverse web site)

Trail of the Renegade Cover
Autographed Copies of Trail of the Renegade are available. Email Jim (click here)

Border Raiders - 2005

Now available for Nook!

Comanches and rustlers are wreaking havoc on the settlers of the Nueces Strip... the Texas no-man's land between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande. Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is assigned to a company of Rangers with orders to bring the renegades to justice... or die trying. (more at the iUniverse web site)

Border Raiders Cover
Autographed Copies of Border Raiders are available. Email Jim (click here)

Trouble Rides the Texas Pacific - 2005

Texas Ranger Jim Blawcyzk is riding the El Paso Limited en route to a routine assignment...until the train is wrecked and robbed. Barely escaping the flaming wreckage of the train, Blawcyzk sets out to track down the outlaws responsible for such wanton death and destruction. What at first appears to be an isolated train robbery leads the Ranger to a much larger plot to destroy the Texas Pacific Railroad.Not only having to try and stop the renegades determined to destroy the railroad, Blawcyzk also finds himself the target of a mysterious dry-gulcher.

Trouble Rides the Texas Pacific: A Texas Ranger Jim Blawcyzk Story


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