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Welcome to Jim's homepage, where you can learn all about his books, stories, presentations, latest releases, and other news!

Latest Releases

A Ranger to Ride With - (young adult novel, April 2014)
Remington Colt #3 - The Texas Trail (short story, February 2014)
A Ranger Named Rowdy #11 The Blizzard (novella, February 2014)
A Ranger Named Rowdy #10 Like Father, Like Son (short story, January 2014)
A Ranger Named Rowdy #9 Defenders of the Mission (short story, December 2013)
A Ranger Named Rowdy #8 Deadly Duo (short story, November 2013)
Wolf Creek 9: A Wolf Creek Christmas (novel, November 2013)
Wolf Creek 8: Night of the Assassins (novel, October 2013)
A Ranger Named Rowdy #7 Always a Ranger (short story, October 2013)
West of the River: The Ranger (novel, September 2013)

What's New?

April 2014: Saturday, April 27, 11 to 3 at Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement, Route 11, Salem, CT. Therapy horse demonstration with Yankee and booksigning.

New book from Jim out on Painted Pony Books, intended for the Young Adult market

February 2014: Jim pens the 3rd tale in the Remington Colt series.

Due to the popularity of the Ranger Named Rowdy stories, High Noon Press will be publishing all of them in a paperback anthology in March!

January 2014: Jim will be one of the judges for the Western Fictioneers' Peacemaker Award this year for Best Independently Published Western Novel.

December 2013: A new "Ranger Named Rowdy" short story now available on Amazon.

November 2013: Jim was interviewed for a blogcast that covers fiction writing.

Jim's featured in a "Person of the Week" article in his hometown newspaper, for his work with service animals Dougie and Yankee. The 8th Ranger Named Rowdy story, Deadly Duo, is now available online.

Jim also contributes a chapter to Wolf Creek 9: A Wolf Creek Christmas.

October 2013: Jim pens a chapter in Wolf Creek 8: Night of the Assassins, for that Western Fictioneers series.

September 2013: West of the River: The Ranger is Jim's new novel for the Western Fictioneers's "West of the River" series.

July 2013: Jim's got another Ranger Named Rowdy story out: Jack Bosco is now available on Amazon. One of Jim's older books, Big Bend Death Trap is now available as an e-book for Kindle and Nook. Also, another book signing: Wild West City, 50 Lackawanna Drive, Stanhope, New Jersey on Saturday, August 3rd from 10:30 to 6:00.

Jim was featured on Tom Rizzo's blog Storyteller's 7 on Tuesday, July 2nd. It's an interview of 7 questions, hence the title. And on Sunday, July 7th, Jim will be featured on the Romancing the West blog, this time discussing his part of Wolf Creek Book 6 - Hell on the Prairie. I'll be giving more in-depth information about his character, Bill Torrance/Ben Tolliver.

Jim on horseback Jim horse water

left Photo credit Peter Hvizdak, New Haven Register, right photo credit Suzanne Hall. All Rights Reserved.